In 2023 a brilliant scientist revolutionized modern weapons by perfecting the standard pistol. He did this by ditching the bullets and weaponizing lasers. (Yea, laser pistols. Deal with it.)

The weapons look similar to standard pistols but weigh about half as much. Each carries a battery pack capable of firing 100 shots, or 10 power blasts, after a complete charge.

Without electricity the battery packs are difficult to charge. Obtaining a full charge on a standard pistol can take up to two weeks using solar power, or a month of sessions on a stationary bike. Luckily the batteries discharge a negligible amount of energy over time when not in use.

There are about 20,000 people living in the Russian stronghold, and only 57 guns. Most guns around the world stopped working and cannot be repaired. Others have been lost on the bodies of resistance fighters who died on the battle field. Needless to say, guns are a precious commodity.

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