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It took about five years for the ecosystems around the world to adjust to the massive disruption of the creature’s rise. Around 2065 most places on earth had adjusted to the presence of the creature and the mass destruction it had caused.

Most coastal cities are completely gone, many left permanently under the sea. Cities that were high enough remain above sea level, but were nonetheless washed away during the initial tsunamis.

Much of Europe is under water. There were reports early on of an underground colony comprised of London’s high profile figures, though these have never been confirmed and it has long been thought that anyone that has not moved above ground would have run out of supplies by now.

Storms surround the creature like something out of a nightmare. It’s mass seems to disrupt the atmosphere, causing violent tornadoes and lightning storms wherever it goes. It stops over the Russian stronghold every Wednesday at 2:57AM and takes about three hours to move on.

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