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“In 2057 it came from the sea. Some called it Cthulhu, others leviathan. Many had no time at all to name it.

The creature was so massive that upon rising from the sea many coastal cities were simply washed away as massive tsunamis swept hundreds of miles inland. It’s said that the creature was so large that it could be seen simultaneously by those in Canada and those in Russia. Many who looked upon it, however, did so for only a short time, for once the creature was looked upon it entered the mind of the viewer. From then on they were no longer humans, but something foul which we’ve come to call a Husk.

The first Stronghold was in Russia. It’s still uncertain why some of us are able to look upon the creature without becoming a husk, though we are now certain that this can be passed on to our children. Those of us who can go out without fear of losing our minds are called Guiders. We look for other survivors, food, supplies, and potential strongholds.

My name is Laida. I am the leader of The Resistance, and I call all able bodied men and women to my aid. Together we can take back the earth. Together we can take back our home."
-Laida Cibnep, 3018

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